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The Excess Learning Methodology

Making Success A Reality

So many revision guides on the market with a mountain of information and still it goes over your head. 

Well, look no further. We've turned education on its head. How?

Our resources feature 3 unique elements for each subject:

  • Exam Guide - a guide on exam technique that provides a step-by-step approach on how to structure your answers, along with tips on how to recognise what aspect of the syllabus a question is trying to examine and the key buzzwords to include in order to score top marks;

  • Revision Guide - a guide with key points from each topic summarised in bullet form, along with relevant diagrams; and

  • Question Bank - containing only questions from past exam papers, sectioned according to topic for more targeted revision. That way, you can address areas of weakness first by quickly navigating to the section for a topic(s) and attempting all the questions previously set for that topic(s). 

We've cut out all the noise, all the waffle and kept it simple, because simplicity is best, especially when trying to retain information for multiple subjects!

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