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Why join us?


  • we are friendly and efficient

  • we contact tutors individually about students as opposed to sending round-robins, or posting vacancies on our website

  • we will never push a tutor to take on a student they are not suited to

  • as experienced tutors ourselves, we know what information and support you need in order to do a good job

  • we always strive to create the best relationship possible between our client, you and us

  • we are excited about you being able to make a difference to a student’s learning – and consequently, their life

Our fee structure will give you an idea of what you charge working through us.


Whilst we cannot advise on your liabilities to taxation, it is reasonable to expect to be regarded as self-employed; so no tax or National Insurance is deducted at source from the money you are paid. It is your responsibility to contact the Inland Revenue to inform them that you are self-employed. For more information please see

We invoice clients on your behalf; when the client settles the bill, your money is transferred into your bank account.

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